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C2C TOOLS Community-to-Community Tools

Bringing you online tools to connect you to your neighbourhood and your neighbourhood to other neighbourhoods. Intentional communities link up with other intentional communities, offer resources with one another, exchange information, and create consensus on issues that pertain to an area.

ACCOUNTABILITY Be Accountable for your Actions

Represent your tribe and be authentic to your purpose. Request from your tribe or other tribes, respond to requests by claiming accountability and build your reputation as a reliable cocreator.

TRANSPARENCY Real-Time Contribution Data

Tribe data is visible to all cocreators. It provides visiblity for all to see group and indiviual engagement, progress, completion and contribution. The tribe and all cocreators involved can monitor and celebrate group development.

SELF-GOVERNANCE Create "Degrees of Trust"

Interaction online connects you to cocreators in the real world. Create "Degrees of Trust" with one another and come together in solidarity. By creating trusted micro-networks, digital democracy in 2013 is acheivable and can accurately represent voices of communities around the world.